hi i'm wesley.

you might like my blog if you're into nerd shit or my notebook if you want some half-baked philosophy / life updates or my thoughts if you're interested in having a crush on me. i am also increasingly on are.na, and there is a time capsule of a person i once was on special.fish, as well.

i currently live in taipei, taiwan, where it is __:__ __
(update: i don't really know where i live anymore. i just finished a trip around europe, going to EMF and MCH and backpacking through norway, and i'm in brooklyn for a little while now.)

you can email me @ wesleyac.com if you want. i may be bad at replying but i do like getting emails!

you could also ask me a question if you want to interact, but maintain a little more distance. i answer all of the ones that aren't weird, and most of the weird ones as well :) (please see my note on the stability of this site)