wesley visits the sanctuary
august 19th, 2022

after hearing so much about the sanctuary, i finally got a chance to visit! i was hanging out in prospect park when Laurel gave me a call and mentioned that she and Elliott were hanging out. i dropped by, and Elliott arrived shortly after with a bag of podcasting equipment for the html energy podcast. there weren't enough mic stands for all three mics, but we jerry-rigged a remarkably workable third mic-stand out of a gooseneck phone holder, and ended up with a mic test sort of accidentally transitioning into recording a impromptu podcast, which was super fun! really wide ranging and good conversation, definitely check it out whenever it drops :)

after a little while, the planned podcast guests, Nazli and Eric arrived. i'd been planning to leave then, but i ended up sticking around and listening in — live studio audience! (i tried pretty hard to be quiet though, which i guess isn't really the typical "live studio audience" vibe — hopefully it wasn't weird?­).

during the podcast, we talked about new york city as a sort of irl internet, following links from one person and place to another. afterwards, we all took the F to a party at lucky riso and ended up finding a bunch of "links", as it were — one person there was someone i was texting with that morning trying to arrange to meet up with, and another recognized Elliott from Special Fish, and mentioned how they ended up dating someone from Special Fish, and i realized that the person they were dating was actually someone who i'd exchanged some emails with a while back!

overall, a really nice day! looking forward to visiting the sanctuary again in the future :)

(Laurel, Elliott, do any of you have pics from the day? i'd love to add them here!)